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Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Your child's first appointment should be after their first tooth erupts or before their first birthday. It would be a good idea to bring children to your own dental appointments to get them used to the dental office. Our office has a movie and play area to entertain them while they wait.

Some things to remember:

*Be sure to not put negative thoughts in your child's head with respect to their dental appointments. 
*Explain what happens so they know what to expect.
*Use a bright light to see into the mouth.
*Use a tooth counter to count their teeth.
*Have a special toothbrush that cleans and makes their teeth shiny.
*The more positive you talk about the dental office to your child the better experience they will have. 
*It is very important to us that your child has a happy and relaxing experience.
*Remind your child that teeth need to be cleaned to stay happy and healthy :)