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It is surprising to hear how many parents think it's okay to serve alcohol or allowing alcohol at their kid's parties, starting as early as the age of 13. Kids already have a lot of friends and what they need from their mom and dad is to be parents, leave the cool factor to the kids. If you think you are cool serving or allowing alcohol at your kids parties, think twice. All you are doing is damaging your kids oral and overall health.

Aside from the obvious effects of alcohol on the body, including cirrhosis of the liver, metabolic and circulatory problems, most people may not know or understand how alcohol negatively impacts the teeth and the overall oral health. 

Alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor and mixed drinks have high level of sugar content and are highly acidic, which brakes down the tooth enamel that protects the teeth. This leads to cavitiestooth decay, periodantal disease and eventually tooth loss. 

It is a known fact that when young people start drinking, because they are not used to the alcohol, vomiting occurs more often. Vomiting also erodes the tooth enamel, especially on the tongue side of the teeth which increases the chances of tooth decay and making the teeth weak and sensitive to hot and cold. Also your back teeth can be reduced in size from the acid in the vomit which can lead to tooth loss. It can take up to three years to notice the effects vomiting has on your teeth at which point the damage is irreversible.

Most people that drink alcohol also forget to brush their teeth and poor oral higiene habits occur. Poor oral hygiene leads to infections and abscesses in the mouth which are uncomfortable and dangerous if left untreated.

So before you think of being your child's friend and being cool, think twice before serving alcohol to minors that is damaging their oral and overall heath.

Don't contribute to your teenagers problems, be their parent, protect them and be sure to visit your dentist for more information.