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Daily consumption of unsweetened yogurt has been shown to reduce levels of sulphide compounds in the mouth that cause halitosis (a.k.a. Bad Breath).  So if you want to avoid the unpleasant odour every time you exhale or talk, don't forget to eat your daily dose of yogurt. TIP; When purchasing the yogurt, look for words "active" or "live", in reference to the culture. These cultures boost the body's own friendly bacteria, thereby improving digestion and keeping the intestines healthy. For more information be sure to call or email us today.

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One of our young patients asked the cutest question :)
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Cavities are almost 100% preventable. Since tooth decay is the #1 chronic condition in children and 90% of adults, 20-64 years old have at least one cavity, it would probably be best we do everything we can to prevent them. Sealants are a great way to help kids not get cavities. Be sure to also never share forks, spoons, straws and food as this spreads germs that cause tooth decay. And as always, be sure to brush and floss at least twice a day for 2-3 minutes at a time.

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  • Incisors. These are your four front teeth on the top and bottom jaw. They are used for cutting and chopping food.
  • Canine teeth. These are sharp, pointy teeth. You have one on each side of your incisors on your top and bottom jaw, making a total of four. They help to tear food.
  • Premolars. Next to your canine teeth are your premolars (also called bicuspid teeth). You have eight premolars in total, four on your top jaw and four on the bottom. They are bigger and wider than your incisors and canine teeth, and are used for crushing and grinding food.
  • Molars. You have eight molars, four on top and four on the bottom. These are your strongest teeth and work with your tongue to help you swallow food, mashing it up until it's ready to be swallowed safely.
  • Wisdom Teeth. There are 4 in total, one at every end of the jaw
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Clear aligners are virtually invisible.
They are smooth and comfortable aligners. 
The aligners are removable for easy cleaning.
You can eat what ever you want.
Do not require brackets or wires.
Easier brushing, flossing and cleaning.

For more information or for your free consultation contact us at 905-458-6620
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Cavities Are More Likely to Happen Between Teeth.
Chips and Cracks in Teeth Lead to Tooth Decay.
Exposure to Acidic Foods, Like Lemons, Causes Tooth Decay.
Brushing, Flossing, and Rinsing Is the Best Way to Prevent Cavities.
Cavities in Baby Teeth, if not Treated, can Affect Permanent Teeth.
Gum Disease Affects your Oral Health and your Over all Health.

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Gingivitis or gum inflammation effects 60-75% of pregnant women and can lead to periodontal disease if left untreated. Pregnancy gingivitis is swelling, tenderness and redness of gums that often causes bleeding during brushing and flossing. Pregnant women with severe periodontal disease are 7x's more likely to have a preterm baby. Women 2-8 months pregnant are susceptible to gingivitis due to hormonal changes even if there are no changes in oral hygiene. In some women overgrowths of tissue called pregnancy tumors appear on gums. In order to decrease your chances, make sure you take excellent care of your teeth, including brushing, flossing and visiting your dental team during your second trimester. It sometimes may even be necessary to have an extra cleaning or two while u are pregnant.

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- Oral cancer incidence is 3x's greater than cervical cancer.
- Over 65% of lesions are discovered in later stages.
- Dental professionals could potentially discover approx. 84% of the # of new oral cancer cases.
- 5 year survival rate is approx. 52%
- With early detection 5 year survival rate is 75%-90%.
- Risk factors: alcohol, HPV infection, sun, diet, smoking.
- HPV DNA positive tonsil tumors increased from 28% in the 1970s to 68% in the 2000s.
- Everybody is at risk but the age group most at risk is 25-34yrs.

At Dr. Dimovski's Dental Office we do regular oral cancer screenings for all of our patients. For more information be sure to contact our office.

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Graham Vicars was one of our awesome patients. It was always a great pleasure having him come in the office as he always carried a smile that put a smile on our faces and brightened up the office.  An awesome person so organized who never missed an appointment. In his memory Dr. Dimovski's Dental Office is awarding the $500.00 Graham Vicars Scholarship to one of our patients attending post secondary education in January 2014 (College or University). The recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by the Vicars family. For more information on how to apply for the scholarship please contact our office or click here.
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Note: We have just been notified by the Vicars family that they will match the $500 and we have decided that we will be awarding TWO $500.00 Scholarships. A great big thanks to the Vicars family for their generosity. - September 18th, 2013


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It is very important to take proper care of removable dentures, as it relates to the health of the whole mouth. If dentures aren’t cleaned properly or don’t fit the way they used to, it can lead to sores and irritations on the mouth and gums.

Proper Care is as follows:

Careful not to drop them; it can lead to chipping, breaking or bending of the metal components.
Brush and rinse them daily; a soft bristled brush should be used to prevent scratching of the components. Denture brushes are a good purchase to make to aid in the care of your denture. Rinsing with water after each meal is beneficial as well.
Use of denture cleansers; many toothpastes are too abrasive for dentures and milder solutions should be used specified for denture cleaning to prevent damage to the surfaces of the denture.
Removal of dentures; dentures should be removed every night and kept in a liquid soaking solution or water to prevent drying out or losing their shape.
Look after your whole mouth; even if they are complete dentures it is still important to take care for your gums. After denture removal, rinse out very well and massage your gums with a wet face cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush gently.
Maintain routine dental checks; it is also important to bring your dentures to each dental visit, so the dentist or dental hygienist can assess the denture’s fit and look and check for any sore areas where the denture may be sitting incorrectly.

If you have any questions regarding proper care for your dentures or about any denture cleansing products be sure to ask your dental professional at your next dental visit.

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Dentist Brampton, brampton Family Dentist, Brampton Dental Office, Kids Dentist Brampton, Space Maintainer,Baby teeth usually guide the eruption of the permanent teeth.  If a baby tooth is lost earlier than its expected time, a permanent tooth may drift or erupt into the wrong position in the mouth because of its missing baby tooth guide.  The adjacent tooth or teeth may move or tilt into the space that is missing a tooth and therefore not leaving enough space for the permanent tooth to come in.  The result from a premature loss of a baby tooth could be from being knocked out of the mouth due to accident, tooth could be extracted due to severe cavity/decay or infection, tooth may be missing at birth and also some conditions and diseases may lead to early tooth loss.

If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, a space maintainer is used to keep the space open until the permanent tooth erupts. A band is attached to the tooth next to the empty space, and a wire is extended to the tooth on the other side of the space. In order to keep this appliance clean one must brush teeth and floss daily. This is a fixed appliance.  The Dentist will decide when it is time to remove the space maintainer. For further information, be sure to contact our team at Dr. Dimovski’s Dental Office.



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Mornings can be a rush to get ready for school. Most kids and teens don't spend enough time brushing their teeth causing poor dental hygiene that can lead to tooth decay.

Here's some reminder tips:

- Brush at least twice a day - after breakfast and before bedtime. You should also brush after lunch or sweet snacks. Brushing properly breaks down plaque.
- Take your time while brushing. Spend at least 2 or 3 minutes each time you brush. If you have trouble keeping track of the time, use a timer or play a recording of a song you like to help pass the time.
- Be sure your toothbrush has soft bristles.
- Ask your parents to help you get a new toothbrush every 3 months. 
- Ask your dentist if an antibacterial mouth rinse is right for you.
- Learn how to floss your teeth. Flossing is a very important way to keep your teeth healthy.  Flossing gets rid of food where your toothbrush can't get to, no matter how well you brush.
- Brushing your tongue is a sure way to help keep your breath stay fresh!

Remember these tips to aim for an A+ smile!!!
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Fluoride supplements come in the form of chewable tablets, lozenges and drops. They are a way of getting fluoride intra-orally and are only recommended to individuals who are at high risk for dental caries. High risk individuals might be those who don’t brush with fluoridated toothpaste twice daily, live in a community with non-fluoridated drinking water, have a diet high in sugars and/or have a history of dental cariesIt is risky to start taking fluoride supplements without knowing how much fluoride you are consuming from other sources. If too much fluoride is consumed it can lead to fluorosis, which is a permanent discolouration of the teeth when the teeth are developing. This is why it is not recommended for use before the eruption of the first permanent tooth in children. It is very important to consult with a dental professional to find out if fluoride supplements would be beneficial to you or your children’s oral health.

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Once the nights cooled down in August and we felt a cool breeze in the air, I remember my dad saying "I smell school books in the air." September is here and the second day of school has come and gone. I see excited students (and maybe some a little nervous too) who are in a new class, grade, school or even transitioning to college or university. Which ever path you are on, we are wishing you all a very happy and successful year!

"The important thing is to never stop questioning" ~ Albert Einstein 

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Snacks like chips, cookies, and dried fruit stick to the teeth and are full of sugars that can cause cavities. Fresh fruits and vegetable snacks provide nutrition for good health and help keep children alert for good learning outcomes. Example of good choices are: Walnuts and raw almonds (maybe after school since some schools are nut free), apple slices, bananas, carrot sticks, cheese, grapes, oranges and yogurt (plain).

Keep your smile healthy! 
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BRAMPTON DENTIST, dentist in Brampton, Choosing the right toothpaste,With so many types, brands and flavours of toothpaste, it can sometimes be overwhelming choosing the right one for you and your family. Truth is, you can't really go wrong with any toothpaste as long as it carries the Canadian Dental Association Seal. Simple way to choose: The one you like enough to use every single day!

With this being said, different toothpastes offer different benefits in addition to cleaning your teeth. Some of which are: Tartar Control, Whitening, Sensitivity, Cavity Protection and Gum Protection.

For more information you can always contact one of our friendly dental professionals.

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