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Mira SAYS!

We brush and floss our teeth at least twice a day and for over 2 minutes each time, so for those of you who claim to have no time to exercise, you just gained 5-6 minutes a day to do so! So while brushing and flossing try these easy exercises to stay healthy and fit: calf raises, squats, wall sits, lunge kick, hula-hoop or come up with your own :)

These simple exercises can also be done while talking on the phone, cooking or waiting in long lines.

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Want to avoid getting cavities and have a successful smile? Brushing and flossing at least twice daily is the way to do it! As simple as it sounds sometimes our busy lives prevent us from doing so. Don't let that be you! A whiter, brighter, healthier smile makes us feel great inside and out. Be sure to visit your dentist regularly!

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TEETHING BABIES - Brampton Family Dentist

Mira SAYS!

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Babies first teeth generally appear about six months after birth, however for some babies it may take up to 12 to 14 months. The 4 front teeth are the first to erupt through the gums and most babies have their full set of 20 baby teeth by the age of 3. As the baby teeth erupt, some babies may become cranky, fussy, sleepless and lose their appetite or drool more then usual. This is what is known as teething. Diarrhea, rashes and fever are not normal symptoms for babies while teething, if these symptoms occur be sure to contact your doctor.

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Most of us think of gum as a breath freshener or a type of candy, however the proper gum may help in protecting your teeth.

Chewing gum increases the flow of saliva in your mouth and when chewing gum after eating, the increased salivary flow can help neutralize and wash away the acids that are produced when food is broken down by the bacteria in plaque on your teeth.  Over time, acid can break down tooth enamel, creating the conditions for decay.  Increased saliva flow also carries with it more calcium and phosphate to help strengthen tooth enamel. Studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals can help prevent tooth decay. 

Although this all sounds great chewing gum does NOT in any way replace brushing and flossing

As there are a very small number of gums approved by the American Dental Association and only two by the Canadian Dental Association, always be sure to look for the CDA Seal of Recognition.

The two gums currently recognized by the Canadian Dental Association that carry the Seal of Recognition are Trident Xtra Care Gum - Spearmint and Peppermint by Cadbury Adams Canada Inc.

When purchasing any dental products always be sure to look for the CDA Seal of Recognition for the best oral health care. (Photo Below).

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Natalia SAYS! 

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Canker sores and facts you may want to know!


Doctors haven't yet determined how people inherit the tendency to get cankers also known as Aphthous Stomatitis. As the cause is not completely understood, it is said that it may involve a T cell mediated immune response which is triggered by a variety of factors and different people have different triggers.


Cankers are common in women who are menstruating and students due to an increase in stress levels. Low levels of vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid may also be triggers. Allergies can also produce an increased risk.


Canker sores appear as round, white spots with red borders, varying in shapes and sizes. Usually, they appear on the inside of the cheeks, on the tongue, and inside of the lips. In rare occasions, they may appear on the roof of the mouth or gums. Healing time can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on the size. Large cankers may leave scaring.

Canker sores may cause pain that can last 4-10 days. In severe cases, some people may experience fever, sluggishness, and swollen lymph nodes. Pain may worsen when sores come in contact with acidic and spices foods. 

Prevention and treatment

Pain associated with cankers normally subsides after a 4-10 day period without any medication. Rinsing your mouth out with salt water may alleviate the pain. If you experience frequent recurrences you may wish to see your doctor who may prescribe a tetracycline rinse. Avoiding irritants such as citric fruits, acidic vegetables, and spicy foods may reduce recurrences.  Also, avoiding irritation from gum chewing and brushing your teeth with a soft bristle toothbrush can help avoid triggers.

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People have a habit of holding objects such as pens, pencils, or eyeglasses between their teeth when concentrating on a task. But they might not realize how much pressure they're placing on their teeth as they bite down on a non-food object. Biting on a pen or a similar object can cause your teeth to shift or even crack. It can also damage existing dental work that you have in you mouth.

For more information contact us or talk to us at your next dental visit. 

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Look Out Starbucks :) - CHECK OUT OUR Dental Café!!!!


Although our clients are taken in on time, for those that come early or bring family and friends with them, we wanted to make our waiting room a little more relaxing and enjoyable, hence making it into a "Dental Café." As the photographer who took the photo is awesome :) this photo does not do our Dental Café any justice so please be sure to make your appointment to check it out and enjoy a coffee, nice cold water or a juice on us!

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Mira SAYS!

Tooth decay is not recognized when it's in the early stages and it is not something we can clearly see by looking in the mirror. For this reason it is exactly why, on top of good home oral health care, it is very important to see your dentist and dental hygienist regularly for dental cleanings and check ups. 
Tooth decay in the tooth enamel doesn't cause toothaches. Toothaches may start when the decay reaches the dentin, the softer mid-layer of a tooth that lies between the enamel and the pulp. Decayed teeth can be saved if they are identified while they affect only the enamel or dentin, however once the decay reaches the nerve of the tooth a root canal or an extraction may be necessary. 
To avoid root canals and extractions be sure to visit your dentist regularly.
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Dentist Brampton, Dentist in Brampton, Bramton Dentist, Thumb Sucking, Dental Offices Brampton, Children who still suck their fingers or thumbs after their permanent teeth start coming in, usually around the age of 5 or 6, could be causing permanent changes that affect tooth and jaw structure.  Thumb sucking can cause a misalignment of the teeth.  This misalignment can lead to a number of issues, including difficulty chewing and breathing problems, so the sooner you help wean your child off their thumb the better. For more information contact us or talk to us at your next dental visit. 

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Stay cool in this HOT weather!

Hana SAYS!

Brampton Dentist, Dental Office in Brampton, Best Dentist in Brampton, Brampton Dental Office, Dentists Brampton.- Stay in air conditioned indoor location as much as possible.
- Drink lots of water even if you don't feel thirsty. 

- Stay away from alcohol and sugary beverages.
- Wear loose, lightweight, light-coloured clothing.
- Schedule outdoor activities carefully.
- Pace your self.
- Take cool showers and baths to cool down or go for a swim.
- Do not leave children or pets in cars.
- Check the news for health and safety updates.
- So stay cool, have fun and see you soon :)

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Dentists in Brampton, Brampton Dentist, Dentist Brampton, CHEWING Ice Cubes, Tooth Damage, Dental Offices in Brampton,Chewing on ice cubes may seem as innocent as drinking water, but it can actually do a good amount of damage to your teeth. It can causes gum injury, microscopic fractures in enamel (which can become larger fractures) and even broken teeth. It is especially bad for those who wear braces or have just had dental work done and for those with sensitive teeth, it can most likely worsen the sensitivity, rather than numb the pain.

There are many reasons that a person might chew on ice, some people just like having something to chew on. If you're one of those people, you might want to switch to sugarless gum. If it's crunch you crave, try carrot sticks, celery, or apples!

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Mira SAYS!

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Unless a script calls for a teen with braces you will almost never see one in a movie, TV show or even a commercial. Casting directors hardly ever consider anyone with braces when it comes to booking for auditions no matter how talented a teen may be. In many cases, due to having to wear braces, teen actors loose up to two years of work, but dont you worry yourself, we have the best clear solution for you!!! 

The alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth using custom made series of clear tray aligners without anyone knowing you are wearing them. While they work to straighten your teeth these trays are removable which makes is easier when you have an audition or filming. They will never be an issue in getting booked for an audition or filming.

For more information be sure to call 905-458-6620 or e-mail us to find out if Invisalign is the right teeth straitening system for you. Be sure to mention this blog and receive $500.00 off of your Invisalign treatment.

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Dental Quiz

What causes tooth decay?
When should a child first be seen by a dentist?
What does halitosis mean?
The best way to prevent gum disease is?
  and tartar
How many teeth do adults have?
Poor oral hygiene is connected to many serious diseases.
When oral cancer is caught early it is treatable.
We should be replacing our toothbrushes every _____.

Click HERE for the answers. 


Dr. Dimovski SAYS!

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Summer is everyones favourite time, most of all kids. Throughout vacations, day trips and even enjoying a day at home, playing soccer, basketball, water sports, climbing and swinging on playgrounds and doing flips on trampolines become part of the everyday activities for children. However, with all these activities there is increased risk of injuries. At our office, we often see patients with fractured teeth, lacerated lips and even avulsed (knocked out) teeth and how quickly and effectively we deal with these accidents can greatly affect the outcome of the treatment and healing process.

Below is a guide of how to deal with summer's dental/oral accidents.

1. First and foremost, with any trauma to the head, assessment must be made to rule out a possible concussion. If there are any signs of concussion a visit to the hospital is a must.

2. If a tooth has been avulsed (popped out of the mouth), first it should be assessed if it is a baby or an adult tooth. A primary tooth (baby tooth), that was most likely loose does not require replacement in the mouth. The mouth should be cleaned/rinsed well and the bleeding should be stopped by biting on clean gauze.   If however the tooth is a permanent one (adult tooth), the sooner one acts the better the chances of saving the tooth. The tooth should be cleaned and, if possible, placed back into the socket. The tooth should only be handled by the enamel and the root should not be touched. If there is debris on the tooth, it should be rinsed with clean water and placed in milk or inside of the cheek. The moister a tooth is the better and the sooner a dentist is seen, the greater the chances of replanting and saving the tooth.

3. Sometimes the trauma causes a piece of tooth to fracture off. Once the piece is located it should be placed in milk and brought to your dentist. In some cases a fractured piece can be glued to the original tooth structure. If that is not possible, the dentist can rebuild the tooth.

4. If the tooth looks pushed in or feels loose, call you dental office right away.

5 . More frequently the lips and the gums get injured/cut and bleed. Gently cleaning the area with water will help decrease infection. Placing a cold compress will help to minimize the swelling. Occasionally trauma to the lips will require suturing (stitches). If the bleeding does not stop after a few minutes or the cut looks deep you might have to go to the nearest hospital. Expect a lot of swelling. The mouth is highly vascular and swelling occurs often in lip trauma, but precisely due to that reason, the mouth is one of the fasted healing part of our body.

Wishing everyone a fun, safe and an accident free summer. If you have any questions or concerns please call us and we will be glad to help in any way we can.


Joanna SAYS! 

Dentist Brampton, Brampton Dental Office, Brampton Dentist, Brampton Family Dentist, ARTHRITIS and teeth Brushing, Arthritis is a joint disorder which is combined with pain and inflammation of different joints in the body. Some of the common joints which are affected are in the wrist which can make at home oral health care difficult. Manual toothbrushes accompanied with their smaller handle, string floss and even floss holders can be hard for someone with arthritis to hold. In order to clean all areas of the oral cavity, it requires movement of the wrist and fingers which is harder for someone who may have arthritis.

Electric toothbrushes are beneficial to people who have arthritis in aiding them with proper oral health care. With the larger, comfortable handle it makes it easier to grasp during oral care and the vibrating head allows for a more effective clean.

There aren’t many useful devices available for interdental cleaning for someone with arthritis. Many of the hand-held flossers still have the smaller handles which are difficult to grasp. The Waterpik water flosser, Oral B Hummingbird electric flosser, as well as the Philips Air Flosser have larger handles similar to the electric toothbrushes and are much easier to handle to aid with interdental cleaning.

It is very important to maintain your regular dental visits, as well as discuss arthritis and any oral health concerns with your dental office to find which products would work best for you.


Melissa O. SAYS!

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Bleeding in the gums means there is an ACTIVE DISEASE going on in that area. It is the plaque and calculus that is filled with bacteria that infects the gum tissue. 

The good thing is that we can reverse the bleeding and help maintain a healthy mouth by removing the plaque with proper brushing, flossing and using a mouth rinse. Also coming for regular dental cleanings to remove the calculus (tartar) that hardens to the tooth surface.

When starting proper oral hygiene at home you might notice bleeding are soreness in the gums, but if you continue to keep up the gentle brushing and flossing daily. The gum tissue will slowly improve until there is no more soreness and bleeding.  Please give it a good 7 to 10 days to see the improvement.


Rachel SAYS!

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Coconut milk is very beneficial to our overall heath. It contains essential vitamins and minerals which include calcium, potassium, chloride, vitamin A and E. Coconut milk helps reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and improve bone and dental health. So for those of you heading south be sure to intake a few Pina Coladas ... Well minus the island rum :)


Melissa O. SAYS!

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Calculus or tartar is a form of hardened dental plaque. It is filled with millions of bacteria. Brushing and flossing can remove plaque from which calculus is formed, but once the plaque hardens to the tooth or root surface, it is too hard and firmly attached to be removed with a toothbrush. Calculus can ONLY be professionally removed by a dental professional.

Blog by: Melissa O. RDH


Indie SAY!
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1. BE SURE TO ALWAYS INSERT AND REMOVE WITH CARE.  Use a downward pressure on the outside of your back teeth to remove the night guard.  The night guard fits snug to the teeth to prevent movement.

2. BE SURE TO WEAR IT EVERY NIGHT.  For a night guard to be effective it must be worn every night.  If it is left out for extended periods, the upper teeth may move slightly and then it may not fit properly. If this occurs it may have to be remade.

3. TEETH SENSITIVITY.   Your may experience tooth sensitivity from the confinement of the night guard.  This usually lasts only 2 to 3 days and will not reoccur as the teeth get used to the night guard.

4. INCREASE IN SALIVA.  You may also notice an increase in saliva due to the foreign material in the mouth.  It does not last long and it does get better as you get used to wearing your night guard.

5. BE SURE TO ALWAYS KEEP THE NIGHT GUARD CLEAN.  Brush your night guard with toothpaste regularly to keep it clean.  You should also clean it daily in a denture soak solution.  Keep in water and a small amount of mouthwash, for a minty flavour, when not wearing the night guard.

6. NIGHT GUARD CARE.  Do not expose the night guard to anything hotter than you can drink as it may change shape and in turn not fit the teeth properly.  Always be sure to keep it in a safe place as pets love chewing on plastic things.

For information on  Night Guards be sure to contact your Brampton Dentist or click here.


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We are planing a Summer End Plaza Party at the end of August, Live to Air with Z103.5. As everyone has different ideas of which announcer to request we wanted to know your thoughts. Our choices are: Kat Callihan, Scott Fox, Pina, Jimmy T and Tony Monaco. Please let us know who you think we should get!  Be sure to join us at Professors Lake Plaza and visit Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski Dental Office, Hollywood Hair Design II, Molisana Bakery and many more. More information to follow. 

This will definitely be the best summer party you have been to!!!! Don't miss it!!!


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It is essential that we brush everyday and at least twice a day to protect the teeth and overall oral health. However, with busy day to day lives, although brushing might be done on a regular basis, if done wrong, it can cause damage to the teeth. Below are common mistakes done when brushing.

1) Not brushing long enough (Brushing should be done for at least 2 minutes)
2) Not paying attention when brushing (It is very important to pay attention and brush all areas of the teeth)
3) Using the wrong toothbrush (A soft bristle toothbrush is essential for proper brushing of the teeth)
4) Brushing too hard (Causes breakage of the tooth structure)
5) Not flossing (Flossing is essential in removing food stuck between the teeth)
6) Not using a mouthwash (Benefits of a mouthwash)
7) Not rinsing after brushing 


Melissa O. SAYS!

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Some children and adults breathe through their mouth habitually. Mouth breathing can happen if you have a cold, allergies, nasal blockage, enlarged tonsils or adenoids.

There are many signs that indicate you might be a mouth breather such as snoring, sounding stuffy during the day and/or night, dark circles under the eyes and frequent upper airway infections.

Breathing through our mouth causes dry mouth, which in turn increases the risk of cavities and gum disease. The plaque on the teeth gets dry and is more difficult to remove by brushing. Dry mouth also leads to faster production of calculus or tartar (the hard deposits that only a dental professional can remove).

In children, mouth breathing can have more serious effects as the shape and size of the jaw continues forming well into the teen years. There is large amount of evidence indicating that mouth breathing has an adverse effect on the development of the face and jaw and often show malocclusion of their teeth. Both, the upper and lower jaw can narrow, the palate becomes higher and the teeth become more crowded and misaligned. 

If you notice your child or a family member is a mouth-breather, please let your dental professional know about it. The sooner this is taken care of, the better. Your dentist may suggest consultation with an orthodontist, a family doctor, an ear, nose and throat specialist or even a sleep study at a sleep clinic.

Blog by Melissa O. RDH