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Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Brampton Dentist, Dentist Brampton, Nail Bitting damage to teeth,Aside from the obvious reasons to why we should not be biting our nails, there is one that most don't think about. Nail biting can cause serious damage to the teeth. The pressure of nail biting can chip, crack and wear down the tooth enamel which is irreplaceable. It can also cause gaps between teeth and shift tooth alignment. If you wear braces you have a greater rist of tooth resorption which can cause tooth loss as the roots of the teeth become weaker. Nail biters also put them selves at risk for gum disease and gingivitis as sharp parts of the nails tear the gums and bacteria comes in contact with the cuts in the gums causing infections. If this isn't enough to make you stop biting your nails think of the cost associated with repairing these dental problems. For more information be sure to contact our office.