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Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Dentist Brampton, Brampton Dental Office, Brampton Dentist, Brampton Family Dentist, ARTHRITIS and teeth Brushing, Arthritis is a joint disorder which is combined with pain and inflammation of different joints in the body. Some of the common joints which are affected are in the wrist which can make at home oral health care difficult. Manual toothbrushes accompanied with their smaller handle, string floss and even floss holders can be hard for someone with arthritis to hold. In order to clean all areas of the oral cavity, it requires movement of the wrist and fingers which is harder for someone who may have arthritis.

Electric toothbrushes are beneficial to people who have arthritis in aiding them with proper oral health care. With the larger, comfortable handle it makes it easier to grasp during oral care and the vibrating head allows for a more effective clean.

There aren’t many useful devices available for interdental cleaning for someone with arthritis. Many of the hand-held flossers still have the smaller handles which are difficult to grasp. The Waterpik water flosser, Oral B Hummingbird electric flosser, as well as the Philips Air Flosser have larger handles similar to the electric toothbrushes and are much easier to handle to aid with interdental cleaning.

It is very important to maintain your regular dental visits, as well as discuss arthritis and any oral health concerns with your dental office to find which products would work best for you.