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1. BE SURE TO ALWAYS INSERT AND REMOVE WITH CARE.  Use a downward pressure on the outside of your back teeth to remove the night guard.  The night guard fits snug to the teeth to prevent movement.

2. BE SURE TO WEAR IT EVERY NIGHT.  For a night guard to be effective it must be worn every night.  If it is left out for extended periods, the upper teeth may move slightly and then it may not fit properly. If this occurs it may have to be remade.

3. TEETH SENSITIVITY.   Your may experience tooth sensitivity from the confinement of the night guard.  This usually lasts only 2 to 3 days and will not reoccur as the teeth get used to the night guard.

4. INCREASE IN SALIVA.  You may also notice an increase in saliva due to the foreign material in the mouth.  It does not last long and it does get better as you get used to wearing your night guard.

5. BE SURE TO ALWAYS KEEP THE NIGHT GUARD CLEAN.  Brush your night guard with toothpaste regularly to keep it clean.  You should also clean it daily in a denture soak solution.  Keep in water and a small amount of mouthwash, for a minty flavour, when not wearing the night guard.

6. NIGHT GUARD CARE.  Do not expose the night guard to anything hotter than you can drink as it may change shape and in turn not fit the teeth properly.  Always be sure to keep it in a safe place as pets love chewing on plastic things.

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