Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski

Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Graham Vicars was one of our awesome patients. It was always a great pleasure having him come in the office as he always carried a smile that put a smile on our faces and brightened up the office.  An awesome person so organized who never missed an appointment. In his memory Dr. Dimovski's Dental Office is awarding the $500.00 Graham Vicars Scholarship to one of our patients attending post secondary education in January 2014 (College or University). The recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by the Vicars family. For more information on how to apply for the scholarship please contact our office or click here.
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Note: We have just been notified by the Vicars family that they will match the $500 and we have decided that we will be awarding TWO $500.00 Scholarships. A great big thanks to the Vicars family for their generosity. - September 18th, 2013