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It is very important to take proper care of removable dentures, as it relates to the health of the whole mouth. If dentures aren’t cleaned properly or don’t fit the way they used to, it can lead to sores and irritations on the mouth and gums.

Proper Care is as follows:

Careful not to drop them; it can lead to chipping, breaking or bending of the metal components.
Brush and rinse them daily; a soft bristled brush should be used to prevent scratching of the components. Denture brushes are a good purchase to make to aid in the care of your denture. Rinsing with water after each meal is beneficial as well.
Use of denture cleansers; many toothpastes are too abrasive for dentures and milder solutions should be used specified for denture cleaning to prevent damage to the surfaces of the denture.
Removal of dentures; dentures should be removed every night and kept in a liquid soaking solution or water to prevent drying out or losing their shape.
Look after your whole mouth; even if they are complete dentures it is still important to take care for your gums. After denture removal, rinse out very well and massage your gums with a wet face cloth or a soft bristled toothbrush gently.
Maintain routine dental checks; it is also important to bring your dentures to each dental visit, so the dentist or dental hygienist can assess the denture’s fit and look and check for any sore areas where the denture may be sitting incorrectly.

If you have any questions regarding proper care for your dentures or about any denture cleansing products be sure to ask your dental professional at your next dental visit.

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