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Dentist Brampton, brampton Family Dentist, Brampton Dental Office, Kids Dentist Brampton, Space Maintainer,Baby teeth usually guide the eruption of the permanent teeth.  If a baby tooth is lost earlier than its expected time, a permanent tooth may drift or erupt into the wrong position in the mouth because of its missing baby tooth guide.  The adjacent tooth or teeth may move or tilt into the space that is missing a tooth and therefore not leaving enough space for the permanent tooth to come in.  The result from a premature loss of a baby tooth could be from being knocked out of the mouth due to accident, tooth could be extracted due to severe cavity/decay or infection, tooth may be missing at birth and also some conditions and diseases may lead to early tooth loss.

If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, a space maintainer is used to keep the space open until the permanent tooth erupts. A band is attached to the tooth next to the empty space, and a wire is extended to the tooth on the other side of the space. In order to keep this appliance clean one must brush teeth and floss daily. This is a fixed appliance.  The Dentist will decide when it is time to remove the space maintainer. For further information, be sure to contact our team at Dr. Dimovski’s Dental Office.