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Dr. Jhun SAYS!

Did you know that a lost tooth from a fall or an accident can be placed back in your mouth and the gum area can grow back around it?

What you should do if there is a dental emergency:

Stay Calm! Calm! Calm! You want to stay calm in order to assess the situation and take the appropriate prompt action. If the accident involved loss of consciousness, you should contact a physician immediately and focus on the teeth after everything is stabilized. If damage is localized to the mouth, you should contact us immediately. Remember to use a clean towel to apply pressure to a bleeding area and to look for any broken or missing teeth around you.

Here are some situations you can run into and tips to help you out!

What you should if a tooth gets knocked out?

First thing you should do is to assess whether the tooth is a baby tooth or an adult tooth.
A baby tooth looks a lot smaller than an adult tooth. You can also compare size with the tooth on the opposing side of the mouth.

A baby tooth should not be replanted because it may damage the developing permanent tooth. Bring your child in to see us as soon as possible so that we can examine, clean the area and access the damage.

If an adult tooth is lost, you should place the tooth in a cup with your own saliva, milk or saline (Do not place the tooth in water!) and bring it in to us immediately. You can also keep the tooth underneath the tongue to keep it moist. DO NOT touch the root of the tooth and DO NOT scrub the tooth as it will wipe away ligaments and prevent the reattachment in the tooth socket. Remember, time is of the essence.  The faster you act, the better chance of saving the tooth and placing it back into it's place.

What you should do when a tooth fractures or gets chipped?

You should contact us immediately so that we can take an x ray and evaluate the situation. Keep the mouth clean and apply pressure with something cold if the trauma accompanies swelling. Simple chips can be smoothed or repaired. A more serious fracture may require root canal therapy or extraction. Depending of the situation, crowns or veneers may be recommended.

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