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My son Joshua, has been modelling/acting since he was 6 months old and now at the age of 13 he only does acting and hockey, both of which are very time consuming and take a great deal of parent involvement and dedication. Through the years I have been asked, on many occasions, by other parents, how they can get their child into modelling or acting. The first thing I tell them, I did not spend a cent and if agencies are asking you to pay to join them, it probably is not a good idea to sign with them. Let's face it, if they thought they can make money off of your child they will not be asking you to pay anything. Another way agencies ask you to spend money is by asking you to do a photo portfolio. Ford Models, the agency my son was with, up until the age of 4 was okay with using photos I took at home and it didn't affect the amount of modelling work he got. He did numerous fliers for Sears, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Zellers, The Bay, Upper Canada Mall, Eatons campaigns for Bell, CIBC, Eatons, Avon and Spin Master. He also did a number of Harlequin book covers and was in a number of magazines including Todays Parent and Flare. The amount of work he got was never affected by the photos used. However, please keep in mind, up until the age 3 or 4, they book two kids for the same job just incase one of them does not sit. If you want your child to be the one that is used, be sure to be there a half an hour early (they start with which ever child shows up first).

With respect to acting, be sure that IT'S YOUR CHILD THAT WANTS TO DO IT and NOT YOU. I have seen so many parents push their kids into it that it's actually really sad for the child. It is also important that you are with an agency that doesn't have thousands of kids signed with them. The less children they have the more attention will be given to your child. You must find an agency that best represents you and your child. Do not be afraid to ask questions as you should be interviewing them and not the other way around. Also be ready to go to every audition with as little as a days notice. AGENCIES DO NOT LIKE ACTORS THAT SAY "NO!" If you are not able to make it certain days you must book them off with the agency weeks or even months in advance.

If you are not sure where to start you may also try to represent your child for a year or so and sign him/her up with casting websites. At this point you should definitely have HEAD-SHOTS. Build their portfolio: This means that you may or should do some projects for free, including Indie Films or Student Films. Once your child has done 4-5 films you should make them a Demo Reel and then represent that work to agencies.

When going to auditions, make sure your child's nails, eyes and ears are clean. Don't do crazy things with their hair and leave it natural looking. Be sure their teeth are clean and sparkling. They should visit their dentist regularly to make sure they receive the proper care and cleanings.

For teens and pre-teens it is important to remember that casting agents do not like to call kids for auditions that have BRACES so when thinking of getting braces choose INVISALIGN which is the alternative to braces and they are easily removed for auditions, acting jobs and modelling.

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For information on putting your child in modelling and/or acting or which free casting websites to use comment bellow and I will be sure to answer your questions.