Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski

Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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The Importance of Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is a mouth appliance that aids in the prevention of mouth injuries to the teeth, gums, and mouth area. It is usually made out of plastic or laminate, and it is worn during activities and playing sports. An athlete is prone to getting mouth injuries without the use of a mouth guard. It is very common to get broken or chipped teeth, cheek and lip injuries, fractured dental work (such as; fractured implants, crowns or bridgework), and damaged roots of teeth.  

The use of a mouth guard during any sports or activities would definitely benefit any child or adult.   They come in various colors and are custom made to the fit you.  For more information about the right mouth appliance for you, CONTACT our office 905-458-6620.

Please note that all of our sport playing patient's receive a free mouth guard.