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Thinking about piercing your tongue, think again! Tongue rings can cause serious problems with your oral health.

A tongue is typically pierced from the top to the bottom through the front third of the tongue. The following three days after piercing you may notice swelling and salivation, as the tongue and mouth adjust to a foreign object. It has been said that the first three days of tongue piercing are the worst, however that is not the case as tongue rings are known to damage your teeth and your oral health.

There are a number of oral problems that can occur by a tongue ring, including bad breath, infections, gum disease, gum recession and damage to the surface and enamel of the teeth. Food stuck to the tongue ring and in the piercing hole causes bacteria to grow which in turn causes infections and bad breath. Repeated rubbing of the tongue ring to the gums may cause receded gums and gum disease and constant playing with the stud will cause chipped teeth, sensitivity and thinning of the tooth enamel, which is irreplaceable.

Although piercings may be fashionable it is very important, before deciding to get one, to consider the long term effects on your body and your oral health. If after reading this, you are still persistent to get one, be sure to clean your jewellery everyday, clean your tongue with a scrapper to assure no bacteria builds up on the surface of your tongue and do not play with the stub or rub it against your gums.

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