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Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Aside from brushing, here are 5 more ways to improve your smile and your overall dental health:

1 - Make better food choices: Be wary of foods and drinks containing high levels of sugar or citric acid as well as highly staining beverages.

2 - Floss: Approximately 80% of the population does not floss regularly. By not flossing you are potentially missing out on cleaning up to 60% of you mouth.

3 - See your Dental Team Regularly: Regular dental checks and cleanings are a great way to ensure that there are no developing oral health issues that could lead to unsightly problems if left untreated.

4 - Teeth Whitening: Unfortunately over time our teeth lose their white appearance and become stained. Whitening can restore youth to your face and smile.

5 - Orthodontics: if  you are unhappy with your smile maybe it's time to change it permanently