Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski

Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Mira SAYS!

A sure way to a brighter, whiter smile:

1) Brush at least twice a day.
3) Floss at least once a day.
4) Use a whitening toothpaste.
5) Always rinse after brushing.
6) Use a mouthwash.
7) Regular dental cleanings and check-ups.
8) Avoid carbonated and highly acidic drinks.
9) Drink carbonated and highly acidic drinks through a straw.
10) Avoid teeth staining drinks or foods (ie. coffee, tea, red wine).
11) Drink water after drinking or eating teeth staining drinks and foods.
12) Eat crunchy, crispy fruits and vegetables and chew, chew, chew.
13) Eat and drink dairy products.
14) Eat lots of strawberries.
15) Use Baking Soda.
16) Rinse your mouth after every meal.
17) Chew sugarless gum.
18) Drink lots of water and very frequently.
20) Do not smoke.
21) Avoid dark lipstick
22) Avoid wearing super white clothes.
23) Use teeth whitening products (price range from $50.00 to $800.00).
24) Start good oral hygiene from an early age.

Smile it does a body good!!

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