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Mouthwash provides a good contribution to our daily oral health care. It is best if used after a full routine of brushing and flossing, because if mouthwash is diluted with water it loses its effectiveness. It has the most benefits when rinsing for a full 30 seconds or more, and be sure to use a timer, "it’s longer than we think."

All mouthwashes will help with reducing the amount of plaque and bacteria in those areas of the mouth which are difficult to brush and floss. However, certain rinses provide extra advantages and protection. For example, a mouthwash with fluoride will help with reducing the occurrence of cavities and some mouthwashes aid with reducing dry-mouth. Non-alcohol based mouthwashes will reduce the stinging sensation for individuals with sensitive teeth and some are prescribed by the dentist to aid with helping gingival and periodontal issues. There are also dyed mouthwashes which will highlight remaining plaque and bacteria that have been missed after brushing. This is a great aid to help kids with their brushing if they are old enough to properly swish with mouthwash.

Make sure to ask at your next dental visit if a mouthwash would benefit with your oral health and which kind would work best for you! 

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