Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski

Dr. Elizabeth Dimovski
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Dr. Dimovski SAYS!

We often get asked why we take our patients blood pressure at their dental appointment; After all, this is a dental office not a medical clinic. There are many reasons why dentists and their staff are taking blood pressure readings of most of their adult patients. 
First and most important reason: Your blood pressure reading tells us a lot about your overall health.
Second reason: Taking a blood pressure reading at your first visit, which is most often a complete exam gives us a base line of your blood pressure.
Third reason: If you already have cardiovascular disease and taking medications, the readings lets us know how controlled your condition is, how it is affected during different times of day, and how our office and our dental procedures affect your blood pressure.
Fourth Reason: There are some medication we may prescribe or give you that may affect your blood pressure.
Fifth Reason: Some patients visit their dentist more often than their medical doctor. Taking your blood pressure can help diagnose an unknown hypertension or cardiovascular condition. Often your dentist will communicate this information to your family doctor , to help with your overall health.

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